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Different Causes of Sump Pump Overflow

sump pump overflow flooded basement

A flood in the basement can occur anywhere, and that includes residences throughout Monmouth and Union counties in New Jersey.

One of the most commons causes behind flooded basement is sump pump overflow during severe rainfall.

This can catch any homeowner off guard and leave them with an urgent need for flood extraction services.

Understanding how your sump pump can fail is key to preventing future basement floods.

Different Kinds of Sump Pump Failuressump pump overflow flooded basement

Sump Pump Won’t Turn On

The immediate thing to check is the power source. A tripped circuit in the basement isn’t uncommon and should be the first thing to check for.

Because power outages often go hand in hand with heavy rain, a small generator is a good investment. It will keep your sump pump operational and prevent the cost of water damage restoration in the future.

Sump Pump is Clogged

The job of a sump pump is to push water away from the property.

A clogged sump pump occurs when its discharge hoses are tangled, frozen, or blocked by some obstruction.

Protect your discharge lines and examine them for signs of wear, twists, and other damage.

The sump pump can also become clogged or jammed if the water level gets too high in the pit, or silt and other debris gets into the motor.

The Sump Pump is Always Running

A sump pump should not run if there isn’t water. Doing so can burn through the motor.

If your sump pump doesn’t stop, there might be a jammed switch or a broken check valve.

Sump pumps that are too small can also overwork themselves since the water level never gets low enough.

Water is Not Draining from Sump PumpWater is Not Draining from Sump Pump union county nj

If the sump pump appears to be working but the water isn’t going anywhere, the issue lies in how the device was installed or in the drainage system around it.

A plumber can inspect these factors, though it might mean you need a sump pump reinstallation or replacement.

Professional Flood Cleanup After Sump Pump Failure

If you experience a sump pump overflow or failure that results in a basement flood, it’s important to clean up the water as fast as possible.

Otherwise, long term water damage and even mold can set in, which are huge headaches.

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