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Dealing with a flood in your home or building can be tough. When water invades your space, it doesn’t just cause wet floors and soaked belongings; it also causes stress and uncertainty. Calling a restoration professional to manage the cleanup is the best way to move forward. ServiceMaster by Replacements provides flood damage cleanup and restoration in Plainfield, NJ to help affected homes and businesses. Our technicians can remove standing flood water and restore the resulting damage.

Flood damage to homes in New Jersey can result from various factors, but the top five causes typically include:

  • Heavy Rainfall and Storms: Intense and prolonged rainfall, especially during hurricanes, nor’easters, or severe thunderstorms, can overwhelm drainage systems and cause rivers and streams to overflow their banks, leading to widespread flooding.
  • Coastal Flooding: New Jersey has a long coastline, and coastal flooding is a significant concern, especially during hurricanes and nor’easters. Storm surges, high tides, and strong winds can inundate coastal areas and cause significant damage to homes located near the shore.
  • Rising Sea Levels: Sea levels have been rising due to climate change, which makes coastal areas in New Jersey more susceptible to flooding. Higher sea levels increase the risk of storm surges and coastal inundation, affecting homes along the coast.
  • River Flooding: Several rivers flow through New Jersey, and heavy rainfall or snowmelt can cause these rivers to flood their banks. Riverine flooding can impact homes located near riverbeds and floodplains.
  • Urbanization and Poor Drainage: As urban areas expand, the natural landscape is often replaced with impervious surfaces like roads and buildings. This can lead to poor drainage, increasing the risk of flash floods and surface water flooding during heavy rainfall events.

Expert Flood Cleanup Services

When your property experiences indoor flooding, the excess water can swiftly wreak havoc on your belongings and building materials, posing a heightened risk of mold and mildew growth. It’s crucial to entrust flood water removal to skilled professionals, as hasty extraction can potentially harm structural components.

At ServiceMaster by Replacements, our team boasts IICRC certification and the necessary expertise to handle flood cleanup and restore impacted homes and structures. We’re committed to rapid response, ensuring a swift start to the cleanup process, and minimizing further damage.

Our flood damage restoration services encompass the following steps:

  • Assessment: We’ll evaluate the extent of the flooding and resultant damage to formulate an effective restoration plan.
  • Extraction and Drying: Employing advanced industrial-grade sump pumps, we’ll eliminate standing water and deploy dehumidifiers and fans for thorough drying. We take a strategic approach to prevent additional harm during water removal.
  • Cleanup and Restoration: Once the affected areas are dry, we meticulously clean and disinfect to ensure a safe environment, particularly in cases involving sewage or contaminated water.
  • Mold Inspection: Our technicians are vigilant for mold or mildew, and if detected, we take prompt measures to eradicate it.
  • Storm Damage Repair: In instances where structural damage accompanies flooding due to a storm, we collaborate with roofers, plumbers, tree service experts, and other specialists to facilitate comprehensive property restoration.

Call ServiceMaster by Replacements for immediate 24/7 emergency flood cleanup in Plainfield, NJ.

Indoor flooding can be a highly distressing situation with the potential for significant property harm. To effectively address this issue and minimize damage, contact our ServiceMaster by Replacements experts promptly. Our 24/7 emergency flood cleanup services in Plainfield, NJ, are here to swiftly initiate property recovery. Reach out to us at (732) 842-6917 without delay.



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