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Hoarding is a mental disorder that can result in hazardous situations for those individuals affected by it and their families. Affected individuals are usually experiencing anxiety and depression, and it manifests as an inability to discard items. As the clutter accumulates, the home becomes filled with items, taking over the residence. It can reach the point where the hoarding threatens the inhabitants’ safety and health. Because of this, it is imperative that affected individuals get help and understand how dangerous their situation has become. This will help them realize they need to clean their home and agree to get help. Only when the person affected by hoarding agrees to get help should hoarding cleaning be done.

With our hoarding cleanup services, ServiceMaster by Replacements can help clean the homes of individuals affected by hoarding in Long Branch, NJ, ensuring they can have a safe living environment. Working closely with the affected individuals, our professional technicians will remove items the client does not want. The affected individual is in charge of the removal process to ensure only what they do not want is discarded. When the items have been sorted and removed, we proceed by doing a thorough cleaning, sanitization, and restoration of the home.

Hoarding Problem in the HouseWhy Hoarding is Dangerous

Because of the accumulation of items, homes affected by hoarding can become unsafe to live in. The clutter can get in the way of exits and pathways and can cause people to trip or fall. Sometimes, the hoarding of items can create a fire hazard. These homes are often unsanitary, too, because mold and bacteria form amongst the clutter.

If you have a loved one affected by hoarding, understand that their hoarding is a mental disorder. You or anyone else should not simply begin to clean their home. The affected individual needs to understand how dangerous their living situation has become. Only when they agree to clean should you seek professional hoarder cleanup assistance.

Professional Hoarding Cleaning in Long Branch, NJ

At ServiceMaster by Replacements, our technicians have experience with hoarding cleaning. We will work with the affected individual to thoroughly clean out their home. We understand the sensitive nature of the situation, which is why we work to establish respect and trust with them. We will provide assistance when deciding what to remove, but the affected individual ultimately has the say in what items are removed.

We use advanced cleaning techniques and products to clean and restore the home, and we can handle mold and bacteria cleaning. This ensures that the home is restored to a safe, clean living environment. Our hoarding cleanup services abide to the regulations and rules set by the EPA, OSHA, and the Department of Transportation.

The following can be expected from the hoarding cleaning services we offer in Long Branch, NJ:

  • Clutter removal: Following client approval, we remove unwanted content from the home.
  • Decontamination: To thoroughly clean and decontaminate the affected home, our technicians use advanced cleaning products and equipment. This will restore the home to a safe living space.
  • Deodorization: Through the use of advanced deodorization techniques, we eliminate lingering odors.
  • Disposal: Any removed items will either be donated, recycled, or disposed of.

Contact Us for Hoarder Cleanup in Long Branch, NJ

Hoarding can quickly lead to hazard living conditions, so it is important to reach out to loved ones affected by hoarding. Help them understand the risks involved with their living situation and the need to clean their home. When the individual agrees to help, get in touch with ServiceMaster by Replacements for our hoarding services.

Call (732) 842-6917 for hoarding cleanup services in Long Branch, NJ.

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