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What Causes Sewage to Backup into Shower or Bathtub

sewage backup into tub and shower

When a sewage backup occurs, homeowners in Long Branch, NJ may be surprised where the waste can end up on their property.

In some cases, the sewage can end up in your shower or bathtub.

It is important to understand why this occurs, and how you can prevent and respond to these kinds of sewage overflows.

The Causes of Sewage Backup in Bathtub or Showersewage backup into tub and shower

When septic waste overflows into the tub or shower, it typically means a clog has occurred downstream of the toilet and shower.

Basically, when you flush the toilet, the water is finding the easiest path out of the piping which in this case happens to be your shower!

This can be due to a clog in the system, broken pipes, or tree roots creating obstructions in the lines.

Sometimes, interconnected systems with a neighbor could cause their sewage to come up into your shower, tub, or other area of your home.

While you can attempt to clear the clog of a sewer line yourself with a snake tool, oftentimes a more heavy duty tool called an auger is needed to clear sewer pipe blockage.

Who to Contact to Clear the Blockage

sewage backup in bathroom clogged pipes

First you should contact your city’s sewer line purveyor. The sewage problem may be their responsibility if your sewer line goes out to the street.

For example, if you live in Long Branch, NJ, you would contact the Long Branch Sewerage Authority.

Next you would want to call a plumber or pipe cleaning company who will have the tools and expertise necessary to clear the blockage, or at the very least, diagnose the issue.

These technicians use cameras, snaking tools, and augers to take on such tasks.

Who to Call to Clean Up the Sewage Backup

Sewage backups in the bathroom can create a real mess of wastewater and septic materials.

This waste is toxic and harmful to approach, but it must be cleaned up immediately to avoid warping, rot, and other structural water damage.

It’s best to call a disaster restoration team who can quickly arrive to perform sewage extraction services.

ServiceMaster by Replacements is available 24/7 to provide sewage cleanup services in the Long Branch, NJ, Neptune, NJ, Cranford, NJ, and Union, NJ areas.

Our sewage removal teams are IICRC-certified and are on standby and we can be reached at (732) 842-6917.