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What Might Be Causing Leaks in Your Yard?

Yard water pipe leaking

Leaks in the yard are a major cause for concern, since they can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs, not to mention costly damage to the home. Several possible culprits may be responsible for the leaks in the yard. Here are potential causes of these unwanted leaks.

Excess water on the lawn will seep deep into the soil surrounding the home. What can result are sink holes and pipe dislocation. The water can also cause severe structural damage to the home. The homeowner must then repair not only the water leak but the resulting property water damage.

The water in the yard can emerge from three places: the sewer line, the main water line, or the irrigation system. Pinpointing the exact cause can require some detective work, including isolating these parts of the plumbing system and using the water meter to find out where the leak originates.

A sewer leak is accompanied by the offensive stench of sewage. Water surfaces at the front of the yard after a main water line leak. Flooding around a sprinkler head or water spurts between the sprinklers can mean a leak in the irrigation system.

What are signs of a water leak?

Signs of a leak in the yard are often obvious. Firstly, the monthly water bill spikes without a clear cause. While a faucet leak can waste 90 gallons of water a day, a serious main water line leak is exponentially higher. Promptly fixing a main water line leak saves money.

Water leaking out of a broken water line pipe can cause the home’s walls to develop moisture issues. This is because the issue is not restricted to the area of the leak. Moisture and humidity from a leaky pipe can seep into the walls and floors, creating dampness or warping.

Hearing running water and being unable to explain its origins can indicate that a leak has developed outside. Water normally runs through pipes silently since they are closed systems. However, when a pipe ruptures, the homeowner will hear running water from the lowest, quietest parts of the home.

Unexplained puddles in the yard are clear signs of a water main leak. The water line leak causes water to pool along the surface of the yard, since the soil cannot absorb the large amounts of moisture. Water seeping from the ground requires immediate repair by licensed professionals.

Lawn sprinkler water damage

What causes water leaks in the yard?

There are several reasons why you may be dealing with unwanted leaks in the yard. To help understand some solutions, we’re going to look at three causes of these spillage problems.

1. Sewer Line Leaks

When signs of a water leak appear, it is important to determine what might be causing them. Sewer line leaks, for example, are oftentimes the result of tree roots growing inside the pipes. As the tree grows, its roots expand inside the pipe and cause a serious pipe rupture.

Homeowners can easily check to see if the sewer line has a leak by pouring a few ounces of dye down the toilet and flushing several times. After one hour, check the leaky area in the yard; if the dye appears, the sewer line has sprung a leak.

2. Irrigation System Leaks

A leak in the irrigation system may be causing the leaks in the yard. Checking for a leak in the system requires the homeowner to turn on the home’s water shutoff valve and stop using the water in the home (including sinks, toilets, and the washing machine).

Next, read the water meter for leaks. The meter should be recording water usage. To isolate a potential leak in the irrigation system, turn off the water to the irrigation system. If the meter stops recording water use, the irrigation system is responsible for the water leak in the yard.

3. Main Water Line Leaks

The city’s water main delivers water to the home. The water first runs through the water meter, then travels underground via the main service line toward the property’s main shutoff valve. A leak might have sprung in the main water line, so it’s important to check specifically for it.

Turn off the water at the shutoff valve by closing the valve. Locate the water meter and read it for a leak. If water continues to run through the meter, the leak is in the service line. A homeowner may wonder where in the service line the leak is occurring.

One common place for a leak in the service line is near the shutoff valve. The junction at the copper pipe and the PVC pipe can crack, causing the leak. An additional place leaks can occur is at the fitting, also known as the joint in the pipe.

Need Water Restoration Service?

Noticing soggy spots on the lawn can indicate a leak below the surface. Excess moisture in the yard can seep into the home and cause major water damage. When you are faced with this scenario, it’s important to consult a water damage restoration pro, like ServiceMaster by Replacements.

Water damage occurs not only from leaks, but adverse weather conditions, such as rainstorms and floods; malfunctioning appliances, like leaky refrigerators; and sewage backups. Water spreads quickly throughout the porous materials, causing rotting, warping, and other types of structural damage.

When you call ServiceMaster by Replacements, our IICRC certified water damage cleanup technicians arrive promptly, assess the extent of water damage, and begin the restoration process to minimize losses. We extract all the excess moisture from the home using advanced water extraction equipment.

Next, our skilled specialists set up powerful drying and dehumidification equipment to thoroughly dry the areas affected by moisture. We clean and restore the damaged parts of the property. Your water damaged goods can be cleaned at our state-of-the-art facility. Our crews also work with your insurer.

Do not allow water damage to permanently destroy your home and possessions. Contact ServiceMaster by Replacements as soon as water damage appears. Our dedicated crews stand by 24 hours a day to respond to emergency water damage disasters in New Jersey. Call today at (732) 842-6917 for professional and efficient water mitigation.